Mistral Speed 2014/2015

For who is the speed

The Mistral speed is for those speedies who want to be the fastest on their home spot, but also for those who want to achieve ultimate records. These are the board that our team riders use for their record hunt.

Shape & Philosophy

Beveled Double Concave Hull- unique beveled double concave design with parallel centre channel to minimize chop impact effects and reduce rail pressure, resulting in the smoothest ride on the market, without adding drag. Chine Cutaways- 3 major benefits over conventional cutouts: increases active surface area when getting planing, loosens trim at higher speeds allowing higher maximum speeds, and acts as trim tabs when the board might otherwise be tail-walking. Results in an incredibly fast, stable and free trim on the water.


  • Increased Length- longer available waterline for superior low speed performance, lull gliding, and gybing exit. Lower impact angles at high speed in chop for smooth, controlled trim in rough conditions.
  • Parallel Outline- for cleaner chop penetration.
  • Pin Tail- for snap turns and low wake generation resulting in lower drag.
  • Advanced Rail Design- rail shapes designed for ultra-clean release resulting in a dry ride, but with deep engagement during gybing for a dependable, stable carve.
  • Deck Concave- subtle use of deck concaves to stiffen up the deck surfaces without adding extra weight.
  • Ultra Profile- Ergonomically engineered foot profiles- designed for maximum comfort when driving the rail in the most neutral position, and allowing for maximum steering range through the feet.
  • Vario-Inserts- provides adjustable strap spacing to cater for use with boots, or bare foot riding, along with options for forward and rear placement and spacing catering for all shapes and sizes.
  • Globally Matched Curves- Outline, rocker and bottom shapes are optimized in unison with advanced in-house developed 3D computer design software to maximize stability and performance over the largest range of conditions.
  • Optimized Material Placement- composite matrix of the highest quality materials to optimize stiffness, durability, and damping so that you get the best possible sailing experience.


Shaper Chris Lockwood


Board Specifications

BoardVolumeLengthWidthConstructionFinRec. Sail size
Speed 63 63 240 41 Carbon Glass sandwich no fin 4.0 - 6.4
Speed 73 73 244 47 Carbon Glass sandwich no fin 4.0 -7.0
Speed 95 95 253 55 Carbon Glass sandwich no fin 5.0 - 8.0

Other windsurfboards

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  • QUAD

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